Debts & Mortgage Arrears

Are you in danger of being repossessed?

How we can help with repossession…

As soon as our offer is accepted we can contact your creditors and assure them that the sale is going through and that they will get their money. Sometimes we have managed to negotiate a reduction of our client’s debts.

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Divorce or Separation

Divorce and selling your home are two of the most difficult things we have to cope with. Having to deal with both simultaneously can be overwhelming.

How we can help with divorce…

Through a fast property sale you can clear outstanding debts and reach a quick financial settlement and move on in your personal life. We’ll help you find the best solution whether you want to move away and make a fresh start, or stay in your home and keep your family settled.

Chain Breaks

It’s an unfortunate fact that up to 25% of house sales in the UK fail because of breaks in the chain of buyers or the simple failure to find a buyer in time.

How we can help avoid chain breaks…

We guarantee you a sale. There is then no risk of your buyer backing out or the chain breaking. You can also use our offer as a fall back position, in case your open-market sale falls through at the last minute.

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Poor Health

Despite any provision we might make, sudden ill health can have serious effects on on our financial position. Effectively adding insult to injury.

How we can help with health problems…

An equity release from a fast property sale will provide money for a needed operation which may otherwise be delayed. It can also pay for nursing care or other expenses.

We work hard to provide a solution suited to your needs. We promise the end result will be fast and stress-free.


If you have acquired responsibility for a property due to a bereavement, we offer a fast and straightforward way of selling without incurring additional costs or stress.

How we can help with bereavement & probate…

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time. We can shoulder some of the trouble by helping you finalise the estate quickly. Friends and family will need your consideration and with that and everything else going on, you may not want to get directly involved in disposing of the estate. Where inheritance tax is due, it can be necessary to sell the property of the deceased to pay it before the remaining estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries. We can help with this.

Relocation or Emigration

Whether it’s a new job or a fresh start, there are many reasons why you might need to move quickly.

How we can help with relocation & emigration…

Selling your property on the open market means an uncertain timeframe because you are relying on a buying chain which can easily collapse. We can quickly remove any block that is preventing you from moving.

We can timetable the selling process for you, so that you leave your property when you’re ready.

Tenanted Property

Are you a landlord with problem tenants or do you have an underperforming property investment?

How we can help landlords…

We offer a simple solution – we’ll buy your property whatever its condition and are happy to take it on with the tenants in place. This will give you an immediate return on your investment or take a troublesome property off your hands.

Retirement or Downsizing

Do you want to use the equity in your property to treat yourself to a more comfortable retirement?

How we can help with retirement & downsizing…

We have helped many retired people to relocate or downsize in order to release equity from their house. We can even assist you in finding a local property if you are downsizing.

In Need of Refurbishment

Are you too ashamed of the state of your property to give it to an estate agent and have people view it?

How we can help…

The state of your property does not matter to us. We will still be interested in buying as we have our own team of builders, plumbers etc.