A Speedy Sale

If you need to sell a property quickly, with the minimum of fuss, at a guaranteed price and with a guaranteed completion date, then we can help.

With just one telephone call, you can bypass the usual longwinded and drawn out house sale process and at the same time save yourself £1,000’s in agents fees and mortgage payments.

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We Can Help With

  • Having mortgage arrears and needing assistance before you lose your home,
  • If you have an investment property that’s taking your money and not making you money,
  • Marital problems,
  • Making payments on an unsold house,
  • Needing cash now so you can move on,
  • If your house need extensive repairs but you don’t have the money or the time to fix it,
  • If you need immediate debt relief so you can pay bills,
  • Are just tired of rentals, voids and bad tenants,
  • If you are retiring and want to downsize.

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Do you know someone who could benefit from a quick sale?

Refer them to us and collect £250 cash (on completion of sale)!

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